If I had Eyes – Jack Johnson

eyes 1

The extreme close up of the artists lips draws audience attention to the prominence of the voice in acoustic music and emphasizes the live feel that is being attempted in the video, furthermore the connotations of lips and intimacy create an emotional connection between audience and artist.

eyes 2

The birds eye shot of the artist at his work desk displays all the studio software gives an unusual perspective on instruments audiences may be unfamiliar with creating interest, furthermore the angle makes the artist seem insignificant as his size in the shot is small emphasizing the importance of his music and the diminishing nature of his love due to the sad emotional content of acoustic music lyrics.

eyes 3

The slight camera movement and instability of the side angle mid shot gives the video a raw feel as though home made, the unpolished approach makes the artist and video seem more real and creates the emotional intensity acoustic videos attempt to achieve, furthermore the change of red coloration connotes to love emotion and passion tying into the lyrical content and the blurring furthers the disorientation due to emotion concept.

eyes 4

The close up of the lyrics implies the artist is baring his soul to the audience the handwritten nature creates the idea he shares his innermost thoughts making the video intimate and emotional, furthermore the use of blur and focus on lyrics doesn’t allow the audience to fully read the lyrics maintaining interest as we attempt to read the words but are unsuccessful and furthers the concept of disorientation in love due to its blinding nature, typical of acoustic music videos.

eyes 5

The use of studio software gives the audience an insight into the music making process, the artists pride and joy, by making the audience privy to this information they feel increasingly important an involved increasing artist audience relationship and attention, furthermore the active writing of lyrics and singing as displayed by the mid shot shows the artists involvement in the songwriting process and makes the emotion of the song increasingly real and relatable to audiences as he has written it himself.

eyes 6

Furthermore the filming of real instruments emphasizes the real and live feel of acoustic music, the over the shoulder shot of the pianist creates the idea we see from the performers perspective and so become increasingly involved in the music, furthermore the black and white coloration emphasizes the artists sadness (as displayed by the lyrics) as the black and white piano does not seem out of place implying music is his method of expression in a bleak world.


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