Stay With Me – Sam Smith

sam 1

The wide angle shot of the white building highlights the significance of the performer as he stands out from the plain grand background, the camera movement slowly closing in increases the visibility of the artist and establishes that he is singing and displays his emotion as he sings.

sam 2

The use of plain black costumes of the choir contrast the Smokey white atmosphere, furthermore the artists choice of ‘casual’ clothes separates him from the choir and emphasizes his importance and focuses audience attention as the camera zooms towards him making his emotional facial expressions visual typical of the acoustic music due to its emotional lyrical content.

sam 3

The artist is paced centrally in the shot surrounded but sultry colours to mimic his emotional state of despair at his lover leaving, the low angle makes him seem larger within the shot and emphasizes his importance, the lack of props allows focus on his performance while singing and displaying his emotion developing a connection between artist and audience as the performer lays his emotions bare.

sam 4

The close up side angle that pans across the room maintains focus on the artist by keeping him central in the composition, as the camera moves the sunlight enters the lens through the window creating a flare effect that blinds the camera emphasizing the artists despair in the dark room, furthermore the artist uses hand gestures such as grabbing his face to display emotion rather than only relying on facial expressions.

sam 5

The use of blur in this shot creates disorientation, furthermore the sunlight again creates a flare effect creating a state of euphoria and emphasizes the strength of he artists emotion as visually displayed by focus and lighting, furthermore the close up shot creates intensity as the artist stares directly into the lens and therefore connects with the audience.

sam 6

The close up birds eye angle of the duvet represents the intimate nature of the lyrical content, by choosing relevant props it maintains audience attention and interest. The camera movement creates interest as it rolls across stationary prop creating an unusual angle while maintaining the videos theme of intimacy and representing the genre of emotional acoustic music about relationships.

sam 7

The camera then pans to follow the artist from the building entrance to the street, the closer angle increases the intensity and the smooth movement ensures it doesn’t distract from the music of performance of the artist.


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