Sandcastles – Beyonce

Beyonce 1

The use of black and white creates a sultry mood, lacking colour emotion and happiness displaying the serious content of the song about life and death. The beach setting is used to maintain the lyrical theme ‘sandcastle’ the close up birds eye pan of the performers feet that pans up along her body creates an unusual visual display creating interest as the audience watch on to see her face.

Beyonce 2

The camera roll starting with a focus on the water creates interest before the music starts, the silence builds tension and anticipation as we have chosen to watch to hear the song and the structure of the video withholds the music, our motivation for watching and therefore increases audience interest and anticipation.

Beyonce 3

This is the first shot of colour, the use of fire connotes to heat,, intimacy and passion, surrounded by empty chairs displays the emotional torment the performer faces as the surroundings are empty and desolate, furthermore the camera zooms on the fire to emphasize its importance and relate interest to an otherwise motionless shot.

Beyonce 4

A Common theme I have noticed with acoustic music is the idea of disorientation and distortion of vision, through the use of Smokey atmosphere and dark rooms interrupted by piercing sunlight that either blinds the camera or creates a flare effect, this is to visually display the performers situation and mental state as the become ‘blinded by love’ allowing the audience to get ‘inside the performers mind’ and create a greater intensity and artist audience relationship.

Beyonce 5

The extreme close up focuses audience attention on the artists extreme facial expressions displaying her extreme emotions, this is heightened by the use of blur, this creates the idea her emotional state is so overwhelming and powerful the camera is unable to focus on her.

Beyonce 6

The focus o the background and blurring of the couple combined with the poor lighting creates the shadow effect that creates a visually pleasing shape that displays intimacy and love as their facial features line up creating a mirror image that aesthetically creates interest maintaining audience attention as it presents a relationship in a visually creative and unusual way.

Beyonce 7

The use of headphones and microphone imply the artist is performing live which is a typical feature of acoustic music as the majority of artists write their songs and therefore wish to perform their work with justice and reality as the words are true to themselves through the use of props. The blazing fir in the background again creates visual interest and metaphorically represents the familial unit as a place where they gather sticking with the lyrical content and its equal composition in the shot emphasizes its importance to the artist while the blurring and focus on the artist furthers disorientation and focus on her emotional state.


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