Castle On The Hill

ed 1

The dark lighting in the close up furthers the lack of clarity in love as the intimate act of kissing is not completely visual and also creates curiosity as the audience intently try to look at the lovers and watch ion in hope to see more, furthermore the characters hair (red) is emphasized as they contrast the dark highlighting his similarity to the artist and possible implication he represents the artist conveying the intimate nature of acoustic music as the story is a recount of the artists experiences.

ed 2

The use of the full body pan of the artist walking along the wall singing creates an intimacy as he is alone expressing his feelings and we the audience feel privy to private information as he doesn’t’t look to the camera or acknowledge our presence, furthermore his choice of sultry costume sticks with the emotional feel and he ‘fits in’ with the country setting.

ed 3

The side angle of the artist creates a silhouette effect out the window as the shape of his face and therefore lip movement are highlighted as he sings, furthermore the fast car movement and clear visual of the window not only establishes the location but creates interest and speed as the surroundings rapidly change.

ed 4

The drone footage gives an alternate birds eye angle to the setting that would otherwise be impossible to audiences, the countryside emphasizes the raw and live feel of acoustic music and the camera movement following the jeep maintains the music genres atmosphere and feel. Furthermore the foggy atmosphere conveys the theme of disorientation and lack of clarity due to the blinding nature of love.

ed 5ed 6

The use of the establishing shot of the location creates visual uncertainty as we see the unclear figures running creating curiosity and interest, furthermore the camera pan follows the figures stressing their importance to the audience as the narrative of the video will follow them. The camera changes to a long shot of the back of the two boys running the fast transition emphasizes their speed and the movement of the camera (following them) gives clarity to who the figures are and their colorful clothing makes a visual contrast to the dull surroundings.

ed 7

The silhouette effect is mimicked by the dark bonfire as the two characters are outlined within the long shot, the fire creates a warm image that ignites ideas of intimacy love and passion, common themes of acoustic music and linking to the lyrical content.


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