I Wont Give Up

Jason 1

The establishing shot of the landscape covered by the artists poorly lit close up I the left corner creates a visually pleasing image, the sun creates warm tones and as it rises distorts and creates a flare on the lens furthering the depiction of disorientation due to love and connotes to passion and desire. Furthermore the shadow of the artists long curling hair creates a complexity and emphasizes his unique image instinctively making audiences aware who the artist is developing artist identity.

Jason 2

The extreme close up of the female contrasts the previous male close up, the focus on facial features and emotion emphasizes the deep meaning of acoustic songs, furthermore the choice of actor highlights emption as her bright blue eyes contrast the darker tones in the shot (her hair) and draws attention to her tear filled eyes.

Jason 3

The low angle performance shot creates size and importance as the artist seems larger within the shot, it also further highlights the artists choice of instrument (guitar) emphasizing the live feel that is typically created by acoustic videos. The ‘natural’ background of trees and sky furthers the ‘natural’ concept as the setting mimics features of the genre.

Jason 4

The tracking full body shot of the child emphasizes his youth as the high angle dwarfs him within the shot the movement also creates a contrasts to the previously still shots and ignites audience curiosity as they follow the child ensuring attention is not lost. The bright setting and coloration creates an aesthetically interesting shot due to the combination of colours.

Jason 5

This long landscape shot uses shadows to create an eerie image that conveys the artists inner most emotions, the dark shadows of the tree and figure combined with poorly lit background create uncertainty and mystery therefore making audiences curious as to what is taking place, furthermore the positioning of the figure within the shot implies suicide and hanging as they stand beneath the tree which implies extreme emotion evoking images of death.

Jason 6

The close up image of the water uses shaking/wave-like movement to mimic a perspective shot within the water which implies drowning and metaphorically I emotion due to the lyrics of the song, therefore the onscreen content mimics the lyrical depth of acoustic music, furthermore the flaring creates a warmer image (orange coloration) and furthers the initial disorientation caused by camera movement conveying the blinding nature of love.



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