Skinny Love

birdy 1

The use of the extreme close up and blurring of the surroundings focuses audience attention on the artists emotional performance with her expressive facial expressions, as she moves the focus is lost slightly creating a disorientation and mystery that captivates the audience as they wish to see how her internal turmoil will be resolved.

birdy 2

The side angle eye level shot creates the impression someone is watching the artist pour out her emotions musically as the instability of the camera appears to be someone’s perspective. Furthermore the lighting conveys the artists depressive emotions and the blurring mystifies her outline/ silhouette creating active watching for audiences as they try to work out who and what is taking place.

birdy 3

The tracking shot that follows the artist down a narrow corridor creates movement that contrasts the motionless close ups and side angle shots creating interest that maintains audience attention, it also creates a ‘half’ narrative as the singer explores the surroundings. The choice of white lace costume fits in with the pale complexion of the artist and pure surroundings creating a uniform image that contains complimentary colours.

birdy 4

The close up side angle again uses blurring conveying the blinding nature of love and emotion, the well lit background and poorly lit artist creates a silhouette effect that emphasizes her whole hearted performance as her extreme facial expressions and mouth movement are emphasized by the contradiction of light.

birdy 5

The low level side angle of the piano creates an alternate perspective of a familiar instrument that stimulates audiences through unusual aspects as we appreciate the length and complexity of the instrument as the use of focus concentrates audiences on the performers technique and ability.

birdy 6

The use of the long shot of the hall establishes the location and grandeur of the setting, the derelict surroundings emphasize the audiences isolation emotionally and therefore the use of angles allows the setting to mimic the lyrical content of emotional acoustic music.


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