Old Pine- Ben Howard

pine 1

The low angle floor level shot creates disorientation as the sun rays cause an orange flare that creates a warm image that highlights the artists importance as he creates an unidentified black silhouette in the distance that creates mystery and grabs audience attention, furthermore adds to the raw feel of acoustic music by the simple ‘unprofessional’ camera angles.

pine 2

The landscape shot of the cliff establishes the rural raw feel of live music, furthermore the violent weather symbolizes the artists internal turmoil.

pine 3

The low angle time-lapse of the sky creates a pace as the clouds fly past at speed, the red/orange sunset contrasts the black tree silhouettes and connotes to passion and desire while creating a warm natural image that suits the acoustic music feel.

pine 4

The close up shot of the sea allows for focus on the natural beauty and motion of the waves, creating a lulling feeling that suits the music’s rhythm furthermore the use of flaring brings back the idea of blinded by emotion/love.

pine 5

The forest setting ties in with the natural feel of acoustic music and the rays that shine through the trees directly to the camera create a lens flare that blurs the camera and creates the impression of god shining down on the artist connoting to the lyrical themes.

pine 6pine 7

The focus adjustment and flaring furthers the theme of disorientation and adds interest to an otherwise simple stationary shot, as focus shifts from the foreground to the front the bush becomes out of focus furthering the concept of sensory deprivation due to love, linking to lyrical themes.

pine 8pine 9

The extreme high angle close up of water crashing against rocks creates an alternate view that creates interest for the audiences as its never been seen before, furthermore the slow motion allows for extreme detail and notice of each drop of water.


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