English Rain- Gabrielle Alpin

The black and white image links directly to the ‘English Rain’ title as the dull weather brings about images of sadness and life lacking colour which the artists songs are typically emotionally dark or sultry, however the prop of the rainbow umbrella not only makes the album stand out but also is mimicked by the internal CD which loos aesthetically pleasing and a clever way to link the cover to the music as it creates the impression her music enlightens and brightens any sad day ruined by ‘English Rain.’

Pure Heroin- Lorde

The artist Lorde released her ‘pure heroin’ album which has a similar sound to the music I write as well as our similar age and appearance. Her digipak is simple and minimalistic representing her music, furthermore the simple black white and grey theme creates a mysterious and dark atmosphere relevant to her lyrical content. Her name in clear bold writing stands out which is effective for new artists in creating interest and getting their name ‘out there’. overall her CD and digipak are unconventional in their simplicity and lack of images or colour however the impact is not lost as the bold text and contrasting colours create aesthetically pleasing work as the detailed ‘logo’ that looks like a sketched image of the artist shows the thought and time gone into its construction and creation.


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