People Help The People- Research


people 1

I Downloaded birdy’s music video and selected the minute with the most performance based clips of the artist so that I would ensure I maximized my practice of setting up and filming artists singing, once selecting my minute I divided the clip based on the shots I will be replacing, I used screen shots to analyze them for technical features to ensure I could easily and accurately replicate the performance.

people 2people 3

Close up shot of the artist in the front right corner of the shot, and a middle aged woman in the left background, the focus shifts from the woman in the background to the artist lip syncing at the front

people 4

Extreme close up of the artist her hair and face take up almost the whole composition of the shot, the background is not visible due to indistinct features and being out of focus.

people 5

Eye level mid to close up shot of the artist slowly strolling along a wall uses camera panning as it follows her towards the end of the wall.

people 6

The close up of the artist singing as she exits the shot, her walking speed is slightly faster than before as the song picks up speed. The background is still blurred.

people 7

Long shot of the artist walking along the same wall displays her whole body that is crossed by a male passing by, he is out of focus creating a silhouette that interrupts the shot where as the singer and wall are completely clear and in focus.


The mid shot again follows the artist through panning across the wall the use of double time singing and halving the speed of the clip creates the slow motion walking effect that creates the sultry calming atmosphere as the artist sings.

people 8

The extreme close up keeps the artist central to the composition while panning across by keeping the background out of focus moving from left to right.

people 11

The short duration extreme close up is very similar to the previous shot but it has no camera movement and is positioned more to the right as the artist takes up the frontal left corner of the composition frame.

people 12

The final shot is again very similar in terms of its intensity and proximity to the artist, again there is no movement however the camera angle has positioned further to the right moving the artist to the very far left taking up less than half the composition.


actor 1actor 2

For my actor I have chosen myself to play the role of the artist ‘Birdy’ I look visually similar to her with my fair skin, small build, long hair and age. Although I have blonde hair the black an white colouring means this will not effect the look dramatically. Furthermore I must practice my lip syncing and performance techniques as I intend to create a music video for one of my own acoustic songs.


actor 3costume

For my costume I will wear the baggy white embroidered top that is very similar to Birdy’s in the video, I will wear over the dark knitted cardigan that finishes just above the knee, I will pair this with the pair of dark coloured leggings.

I will use minimal make-up that looks natural and only acts to create a fair complexion.


actor 4

The first of the two locations will be in front of a brick wall, to mimic this location I will use the outside of my aunties house as she has a large stretch of wall that looks visually similar to this setting.

actor 5

Secondly I will use the large window in the front room of my house to recreate the blurred background of the extreme close ups, I will also ask my brothers to move slowly in the back ground wearing dark clothing to create the motion present in the background of birdy’s video.


Finished Project

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 18.03.08Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 18.03.21Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 18.03.36


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