Moseley Hall


My home in the UK is a Victorian house built in 1808 therefore it is very similar to the derelict locations used in may of the video locations I researched from my genre such as birdy and Gabrielle Alpine. I will use 3 locations: The Hall, The Dining Room and The ‘Yellow’ room. The hall is decorated in a grand fashion with an eye catching chandelier furnished with antiques and a large grand piano similar to that in both girls videos. Furthermore the dinning room is visually rich with dark maroon wooden furniture and red table cloth and curtains the detail in this room emphasizes the houses age conveying the loneliness of my music and derelict theme that runs through the genre. Finally the ‘Yellow’ room is brightly decorated creating a visual contrast however the antique and lavish furnishings maintain the age of the house in an aesthetic manor, I will use the window sofa to create stereo typical shots of the genre of the young girl gazing out the window.

The Grounds


The Hall


The Dinning Room


The Yellow Room


The Cabin


The Pool

Water seems to be a running theme therefore I have chosen costal locations however I have decided o create a variation on the theme by filming underwater footage, I believe this will add interest to my video while maintaining the conventions of the genre as many videos contain water such as Colby Collaitt, Ben Howard and Jason Maraz. However none feature underwater filming which I believe will give my video an edge that not only adds interest but makes it stand out in terms of originality, furthermore I would like to challenge myself in my filming ability by directing and filming underwater. Therefore I will use my pool I order to film underwater shots as the water is clear creating visual clarity and the surrounding walls are blue implying endless water rather than looking like a pool furthermore there is no current like in the sea so I believe it will be easier to direct and control my filming.


St Ouen Sand Dunes


From my research I have found acoustic original music often takes place in rural secluded locations for this reason I have decided to shoot some of my footage in the sand dunes in St Ouen, the costal location creates a visually similar concept to Beyoncé’s ‘Sandcastles’ and Colbie Collatt. furthermore the greenery and foliage develops the natural theme present in the videos of Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard.81.png

Beauport Forest

9.pngFor my second location I will use Beauport forest as it was noticeable in videos such as ‘I wont give up’ and ‘old pine’ the choice of woodland locations that stick with the raw and natural theme of acoustic original music. This is a great location as there are locations of thick greenery as well as wide open landscapes which I can manipulate to create a variation of shot compositions, furthermore this path is rarely taken as it is close to private land therefore ensuring no one disturbs my filming or is seen in the background maintaining the solitude and lonely atmosphere of my song.


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