Digi Pack Experimentation

Banner Digipack

Digi pack banner blueDigi pack banner text mixDigi pack banner writingDigi pack banner

My video represents visual disruption/disorientation in this way I have manipulated the coloration of images applying desaturation to maintain the simplistic colouring typical of original acoustic music genre while playing on expectations by removing my eyes and placing them on a separate layer enhancing colour and brightness to exaggerate their contrast from the dull surroundings attracting audiences as human nature means we instantly catch one another’s eye and therefore makes my Digipack stand out from others and on a practical level increase sales. Furthermore on the lower image I altered the coloration adding a red tint that conveys insanity and the alternate self that is represented within my video furthering the lyrical concept of ‘losing control.’ I experimented with the implementation of text creating banners through the use of filling the background I chose black as it represents mystery and visual blindness that contrasts the focus on eyes while highlighting the unsaturated images. Furthermore I experimented with type face such as brick and handwriting that connote to prison like text (controlling) and handwriting conveying the personal nature of original acoustic music sticking to Digipack conventions of Ed Sheeran and Birdy.


Silhouette Digipack

Digipack sillhouette B&W brickDigipack sillhouette red

Digipack sillhouette invertDigipack sillhouette saturateDigipack sillhouetteDigipack sillhouette brickDigipack sillhouette B&W

The inversion of silhouettes are frequently used in the original acoustic genre as it implies a loss of identity and mystery that is conveyed through the emotive and personal content of the original music, I therefore experimented with silhouettes by taking the image of myself sat within the mansion setting of the video and removing myself, filling the background layer black and implementing the handwriting title ‘control’ in the contradictory white to the fill. I then worked on adding the artist name, however just placing this over the background gave little significance and did not draw enough attention to or look professional for the cover so I removed the stone outline of the fireplace and inserted the artist name over the top, I used the same formal font however this looked false and out of place so I experimented with brick fonts to give the impression the artist name is engraved in the surrounding/environment which links to the videos thematic clues and connection to the house as a reasoning for loss of ‘control’ as well as evoking images of prison/containment. although the text added to the overall appearance I found the coloration needed alteration as other artists typically use 2/3 colours to keep a simple aesthetic so I used filters on the image such as black and white, removing of red, colouring red and saturation while also experimenting with reverting the background and text colour (white/black.)


Candle Digipack

digipack candle olddigipack candle

Using the thematic motif in my narrative of past discovering self I decided the front of my Digipack should have a representation of myself enlightened, the candle ties into the antique mansion setting as well as the climactic burning of photos/images from my past in my video. I created the impression my face was lit by the candle using vignette on the image and extracted and placing the candle image over the top using 3 feathered ellipse tools to create a realistic flame. After studying artists similar to myself such as Lorde I noticed the simplistic colouring and therefore chose tinted text limiting the visual variety to a flame like yellow and black surrounding, furthering the concept of mystery and supernatural present in my video. When experimenting with text I initially chose handwriting typefaces used by birdy and Ed Sheeran I experimented with letter spacing to add visual complexity and simplicity that was aesthetically pleasing and balanced. However the artist name created an unprofessional image as it typically appears in a more ‘formal’ typeface so I experimented further and decided on ‘Britannic Bold.’





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