Digipack Development


I decided to develop the banner Digi pack further. The original image of Beauport beach looked aesthetically pleasing and eye catching while maintaining a typical location of original acoustic music however as this location will not be used in my music video I decided to experiment with the central banner image, linking to themes within my narrative and artist. As the narrative follows an exploration of clues using photographs and the historical mansion setting the reference to time and searching within the past is relevant to the lyrical content and thematic ideas within my music video, therefore I played around with the representation of time manipulating the image of an antique clock from the house altering colour using sepia to highlight the detail in the clock face, however artists such as Lorde and Gabrielle Alpin use minimal colour schemes so I experimented with black and white to keep to conventions of my genre.



Although the clock face ties in with visual representations within my video its link to the artist and title are not explicit. Therefore I researched controlling activities and impulses such as obsessive compulsive disorder. I then took shots of dominos and manipulated the background to create a disorientation around the edge and manipulated the images to create an exact uniform implying control and metaphorical domino effect as all aspects of my artists life a ‘crumbling down’ as described in the lyrics. Furthermore the black and white visually ties in with the conventions as my genre keeping a minimalist impression while also creating eye-catching aspects such as blue and red eyes that make my Digi pack stand out in CD stores increasing artist recognition and sales.


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