Narrative and Casting Comparison

After looking at the narratives of artists similar to myself like birdy and Gabrielle Alpin I noticed their dependence upon themselves to guide and feature solely within their narratives. I noticed the focus on self and emotional struggle/turmoil as a motive and drive for narrative as well as performance in this way I will stick to my genres conventions as I will solely feature in my narrative following my personal search for clues and emotional journey in recovering the past while being haunted by a demonic version of myself in a metaphorical ‘overcoming my demons’ which features heavily in the lyrics. Furthermore the lonely lyrical content and settings used in original acoustic music videos such as the mansions in Gabrielle Alpin and Birdy’s videos imply lack of human contact and interaction and allow audiences to focus on their emotional performance, personal music and lyrical content. For this reason I will cast myself as the only actor and person to feature within my setting of the old antique mansion of my music video to stick to my music genres video conventions in terms of casting and narrative.



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